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Yes Means Yes

What is consent? When someone understands what you’re asking, and they agree to it, that is consent. If someone says no, or that they’re not sure, or if they change their mind, that means there is no consent.

Usually we talk about consent in the context of sex, but consent is bigger than that. You can consent to the tests your doctor wants to do, or to having your information shared in an article, or to the terms and conditions of using Instagram.

This video explains it best:

Sexual consent is often discussed in the media, especially in the context of #MeToo or other stories of (powerful) men abusing women, but of course men experience sexual violence as well.

It can feel awkward to ask explicit questions, or to start a conversation about something you've never talked about, but it can be really sexy too. Try it, and start small if you're not sure how. Ask "Can I hug you?" when you first meet somebody. Challenge yourself to be the person who brings up condoms first during a hook-up.

If you'd like to share your experiences, I'd love to hear about what you think.

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