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Germany: Where can I get tested for STIs and HIV in the Aachen region?

Updated: May 10, 2022

There are several ways to get tested for STIs and HIV in the Aachen region. For more information, check the website of Aidshilfe: Wo kann man sich auf HIV testen lassen? (

The local Aidshilfe websites also give more specific information on the options of getting tested for STIs and HIV in your region.

At the local Gesundheidsamt in your region. You can get tested for HIV anonymously and for free here. Since the start of Corona Virus-related shutdowns, it is compulsory to make an appointment. Find your local testing location through HIV & More (

At an STI/HIV testing point. Here you can get easily and anonymously get tested for STIs and HIV.

At a doctor’s practice that specializes in infectious diseases, you can often get tested for STIs and HIV. For doctors per region seef or example: Ärzteverzeichnis - Schwerpunktpraxen (

NB: if you have an indication to get tested for HIV you do not have to pay for it, this falls under your health insurance. Testing with a doctor is never anonymous and the results will be added to your medical files. The results are confidential.

--> Although your GP can test you for HIV and some STIs, not all GPs feel comfortable to do that, and you would have to tell your GP that you had sex with men (as a male). Most GPs only take a urine sample for STIs, and do not take oral and anal swabs. If you have a STI in those locations it may be missing. An appointment at an infectiuous diseases clinic (“Schwerpunktpraxis”) can solve this issue, if your GP does not feel the need/comfortable to take oral/anal swabs. Your GP may also refer you to a Venerologist (Hautarzt/Venerologie), as they can provide similar services and tests like a infectious diseases clinic

At a specialized office for HIV and STIs (“Schwerpunktpraxis”). At these clinics you can usually also get tested for HIV and other STIs, the regulations concerning payment and coverage of the test by the general health insurance are the same as through your GP. For doctors per region see for example: Ärzteverzeichnis - Schwerpunktpraxen ( or Ärzte suchen |

With an at-home test. There are several providers of at-home testing where you can anonymously test for a range of STIs. Rapid and reliable tests exist for HIV. For other STI self-administered tests are available. This is an STI test that you buy and then send to a lab. At home and self-administered tests can be bought at the pharmacy or online. See for example: Diskrete HIV & 
STI Heimtests | s.a.m health (

NB: Pay close attention to the origin of your at-home test. Not all tests are equally reliable. A test that you do not have to send to the laboratory is not as reliable and requires a confirmation test. If a test has a CE label you can be sure that they meet European requirements of quality, safety, and health. For HIV reliable at-home tests do exist.

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