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The Netherlands: Where can I get tested for STIs and HIV in Limburg?

Updated: May 10, 2022

There are several ways to get tested for STIs or HIV in Limburg. Via the online advice chat of Soa Aids Nederland you can find out where best to go for an STI test. At your general practitioner (GP), the public health services (GGD), or a reliable online option. Soa-zelftest | Soa Aids Nederland (

  • At your GP.

NB: you have to pay to get tested for STIs or HIV at the general practitioner. This will come out of your deductible automatically. The consultation at the GP is free and is covered by your basic health insurance. Testing with a doctor is never anonymous, your results will show in your medical files. Your testing results will be handled confidentially because of medical privacy. At a GP you always have a consultation with a professional healthcare provider who can provide you with advice tailored to your situation and who can refer you for treatment if necessary.

  • Through an appointment at the public health department in Zuid-Limburg or Limburg Noord.

You can make an appointment through 088-8805072 (Zuid-Limburg) or 088-1191200, option 4 (Limburg Noord) or online, through SHDirect Online (only for GGD Zuid-Limburg). An STI or HIV test through the public health services is free and can be done anonymously.

NB: you can only get tested through the public health services if:

o You were warned about an STI through the public health services or a sex partner

o You have symptoms that could be caused by an STI

o You are a man who has sex with men

o You are a woman, and your male sex partner has sex with men too

o You are younger than 25

o Sex is your job

o You or your sex partner comes from a country where STIs are common

o You have had chlamydia and/or gonorrhea in the past year

o You have been a victim of sexual abuse

  • With an at-home test.

There are several providers of at-home testing where you can anonymously test for a range of STIs. Rapid and reliable tests exist for HIV. For other STIs self-administered tests are available. This is an STI test that you buy and then send to a lab. At home and self-administered tests can be bought at the pharmacy or online. In addition to this, all men who are not living with HIV who have sex with men can order free STI and HIV at-home testing kits online through the Limburg4Zero project, at Limburg4Zero - GGD Zuid Limburg ( These tests are assessed by a doctor forconfirmation and you can also receive tailored advice.

NB: Pay close attention to the origin of your at-home test. Not all tests are equally reliable. A test that you do not have to send to the laboratory is not as reliable, and requires a confirmation test. If a test has a CE certification you can be sure that they meet European requirements of quality, safety, and health. For HIV reliable at-home tests do exist. Reliable providers that also offer treatment can be found through for example:

  • At the STI testing point of the OneDayClinic in Maastricht.

You order the test online via the website Safe and anonymous ordering | OneDayClinic and can then test at the testing location in Maastricht without needing to make an appointment. You can be tested on walk-in Monday to Friday between 08.30-10.30 at Gubbelstraat 6, 6211 CE Maastricht.

NB: You buy the test in advance and pay for them. Ordering online can be done anonymous. In Maastricht there is only a testing point and no clinic where you can speak to a doctor. Therefore you should use the online check to see what tests you should order: Welke soa test heb ik nodig? Doe hier de testwijzer en kom erachter! ( If you would like to see a doctor at the OneDayClinic you can go to their STI clinic at location Eindhoven: STI test Eindhoven | Today tested, tomorrow results | OneDayClinic | STI test Eindhoven, STI test anonymously Eindhoven

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